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He was born in Durango (Bizkaia) and began his musical training in Mondragon (Gipuzkoa) studying music theory and piano. In 1987 he joined the Conservatorio Superior de Música of San Sebastian as an official student.
In 1991 he joined the Ecole Nationale de Musique de Bayonne (France). In 1997 he completed his Organ studies and was awarded the “Medaille d’Or” for rendition and sight-reading, as well as the Special Prize. He has attended specialisation and rendition courses for the organ under the teachers Daniel Roth, Louis Robilliard and Jean Boyer.
In 1995 he obtained the Advanced Diploma for Piano at the Conservatorio Superior Juan Crisóstomo Arriaga in Bilbao as an external student. He has given concerts in France (Biarritz, Boceau, Urt, Longué, Puy de Notre Dame…), Germany (Hamburg, Winsen, Büsun, Kröpelin…), England(Newcastle),Italy(Rastiglione,Trivero, ,Grondona and Lobbi),Finland(Ylitornio); in the music seasons: Ciclo de Organistas de Guipúzcoa, Ciclo de Organo del Ateneo Guipuzcoano, Quincena Musical de San Sebastian… Both on the piano and on the organ he has provided accompaniment for a whole host of concerts put on by the Sociedad Coral de Bilbao, the UPV (University of the Basque Country) Choir and the Lausardi Abesbatza.
Since 1988 he has been the organist at the Basilica of Santa Maria La Asunción in Lekeitio (Bizkaia) which has a Cavaillé-Coll organ (1854). In 2001 he validated his organ studies at the Conservatorio Jesus Guridi in Vitoria, where he received an Honourable Mention and the Advanced Teaching Certificate for Organ. He has recorded a number of CDs with the AUS ART Records recording company as part of the collections Organos de Vasconia and 20th Century Basque Organ Music. At the moment he is the Artistic Director of the Lea- Artibai International Organ Festival.

E-MAIL CONTACT: organujole@mail.com

ALSO BY : biscaybay@mail.com


Duo Haizea.
Instrumental Dou composed of the organista Aitor Olea
and the trumpet player Josu Ayarzaguena.

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