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An outstanding feature of any old engraving with a view of Lekeitio from the sea is a huge church bristling with pinnacles, buttresses and a tower sited right on the shoreline.
This is The Assumption of Our Lady, one of the best-known religious buildings in Bizkaia.
Records show that the church had been there much time before Lekeitio received its charter as a borough in 1325.

Editor´s foreword:
Building.- Basically, the church consists of three stagered naves in four sections and a polygonal chevet at the centre, the later surrounded by a lower retrochoir.
An array of arches stemming from the lower walls support the balustrade - and pinnacle - festooned main wall, while also reinforcing the considerable staggering between naves. In the higher level of the central nave, pointed arch windows with Gothic-style tracery perforate the grey limestone ashlar walls. On the main wall, a narrow but rather striking gallery, in the form of windows with sills decoreted with blind tracery, runs close to the wall communicating the three naves looking down onto the lower part of the church. One of the finest triforia in the Basque Gothic architecture, it also helps to greatly enliven the walls.

The round freestanding pillars adorned with smaller colums and abutting pilasters stress the Gothic nature of the church, as does the star-shaped webbing in the vaulting. The archivolted west door, a double entrance with two surbased arches split by a mullion bearing an Andra Mari ( statue of Our Lady ) does much to enhance the Gothic feel.
The door is set into a façade blooming with tiny original sculptured decorations.

On the right hand side is the tower, which consists of an ancient shaft that rises to roof level and a more moderm belfry above.

Although this is not the church cosecrated in Lekeitio in 1287, it may well be the one recorded as under construction in 1374. A century later, 1487, it was all but ready for use. It would eventually be completed in the Baroque style with the belfry in 1734. Architect Casto de Zavala´s neo-Gothic retrochoir, wich gives the building so much of its character, was added between 1881-1884.

Similar to other Gothic churches in Bizkaia and the Basque Country as a whole, La Asunción de Nuestra Señora is, in short, an outstanding example of late Gothic.

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